Monday, June 20, 2011

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Answered Prayers

What a great trip I had to Eastern Europe in May!

My purpose in going to the European Leadership Forum (a well respected leadership training conference that has been in existence for about nine years) was to connect with many of the five hundred-plus ministry leaders from all over Europe and share our vision for the Global Training Institute for Women (GTI). The Forum was held in Eger, Hungary, and was a rich time of learning and connecting (the weather was great, too!). I was praying that God would lead me to the people He wanted me to talk to … and He did! One such person was Evghenii Sologubenco, president of Moldova Biblical Seminary. He is very excited about what we are doing and even wants to help support women who he can recommend to attend.

I met with the senior pastor of a church in the Republic of Georgia, and a woman from Georgia who works with the Christian Union there. Both were so eager for what I was sharing about. They agreed: “You will have one hundred women wanting to come from our country alone!”
Then we travelled to Slovakia where we spent two days with Tomas and Ester Kriskova. He is a pastor, and she works with International Needs, an organization we have partnered with in the past in Romania. After sharing the GTI plan and vision with them, she said, “I have taught many of the topics on your curriculum grid. But I have never had a systematic way of presenting this material. You are adding the missing piece!” She also said that she was excited about the mentoring component and added, “We don’t have older Christian women as role models. None.” She, too, wants to be involved.

To top it off, a woman who heads up a publishing house in Norway sought me out to talk to me about the possibilities of translating my book, “Who Do You Think You Are” into Norwegian! Wow! I am certainly open to this new opportunity.

I am grateful to God for safety in travel, good health, and making all connections (though at one point I thought we were going to miss our train to Slovakia because our other train was late). God is at work. There is more, much more. Please just know that I appreciate your prayers, support and involvement with me and the rest of the GTI as we plow the ground and plant seeds for God’s Kingdom!

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Chris and Kelly said...

Very encouraging report! Glad you were able to have such great "meet ups" with folks!!! Praying they come about!!!